Google and NASA Team Up in Plan to Destroy Human Race

Remember the Futurists? Bunch of Italian guys. Loved technology. Fascism too.

Looks like Google and NASA plan on bringing those guys back, or least an even more futuristic version of them, with Singularity University. Housed in NASA's Ames Research Center, the University will be headed by Ray Kurzweil, who's (kinda) famous for his belief that machines will be way smarter than humans by the middle of this century.

Made popular by Kurzweil, the term "singularity" refers to a not-so-distant era in which machines start kicking serious ass and designing themselves and tackling our problems for us, and Singularity University hopes to help push that along.

We for one welcome our new robot overlords, and we're happy to know Google hasn't made any boneheaded moves recently.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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