Google Glass: Are Companies Serious with Digital Glasses?

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Who remembers the computer on a watch? No, not the iWatch, which Apple is marketing that will probably bomb, but the terrible little Texas Instruments or IBM computer in a wristwatch that was popular with nerds, geeks, dorks and all the doughy math freaks of the '80s. Not ringing a bell?

That's because, besides being one of the cool kids in your class (whatever, jock!), those watches sucked. They failed. They were no bueno. Now, Google thinks it can master the face computer with Google Glass. Haven't we learned anything?

There was a Star Trek The Next Generation episode where a game that was attached to the head like glasses addicted the crew to the point they became catatonic. Only a young Ashley Judd (rawr) could save them. I'm not saying Google Glass is going to turn us into mindless zombies, but who else thinks displaying facts and figures right in your field of vision is not the best idea ever?

When I walk down the street or in a store, I am routinely having to avoid people staring at the screens of their cell phones. People who use them in their cars are becoming a huge source of accidents. So why again do we want people conveniently sticking that right in front of their retinas?

I know there are car companies who believe it's a good idea to project things like speed, mileage, gas and other things onto the windshield. They are probably right because it keeps things you need to see in your field of vision. But maps, facts and figures, e-mails? That is a recipe for disaster.

Rumor is that Microsoft is next. No doubt the only thing you'll see in their glasses is a blue screen of death, which will likely precede your actual death as you careen off a cliff because you weren't paying attention to the road...and were driving on the PCH in California at the time.

I'm all for advances in technology, but not if they mean people will become more distracted than they are already. This isn't making life easier by making you more connected, it's making it more difficult by creating more distraction.

Besides, we all know this is just the first step before we are branded with the Mark of the Beast and the end times happen. Look it up. It's science.

I say pass on Glass and keep us all from turning into zombies who spend their lives looking like human bumper cars because we are too distracted to notice what is in front of us.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.