Google to the Rescue!

Google continues its world domination by expanding into law enforcement, responsible last week for

the arrest

of an East Texas man on the Texas Top 10 Most Wanted List.

Sidney Campbell, the man brought down by Google, had been on the run for several years, moving from state to state along the Gulf Coast. He was living in Louisiana at the time of his arrest, using his dead grandfather's name.

"It basically boils down to that he got a little bit inebriated and told a friend that he was a Texas bad ass, or a bad ass from Texas," says Lt. Reynold Humber, spokesman for the Rusk County Sheriff's Department.

And everyone knows you don't call yourself a Texas badass and not be expected to get called on it. The friend Googled the grandfather's name, which tied back to Campbell, and up popped Campbell's picture. The so-called "friend" contacted the authorities.

Google's work should not be downplayed, because Campbell had evading police a couple other times. He was arrested once before, but later jumped out of a second story window in the Rusk County Courthouse and escaped in his grandfather's pick up.

"Several times we've had officers even had their hand on him, and he's gotten away from them," Humber says.

-- Paul Knight

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