How much more hip can the GOP get?

GOP Is the New Black, Billboard Wrongly Claims

Raging Elephants

, the cutting-edge black Republican group that gets invited to all the best Tea Party events, and will no doubt be shown on camera often during speech cutaways at the 2012 GOP Convention, is proudly proclaiming conservative hipness on a South Loop billboard.

"Raging Elephants is proud to announce our newest billboards in Houston, TX and Dayton, OH," their website announces. "We are on the move. STAMPEDE!"

"Stampede" of what? The 95 percent of blacks that support Obama?

We look forward to hearing from Tea Partyers about the several black people who have been seen at their rallies around here, thereby proving theirs is a multi-cultural, widely popular movement not made up at all of cranky white folks.

Because face it, TPers -- You are the new black!!!

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