GOP State Rep. Candidate: Sure, I Caucused With Dems, But Just To Stop Barack Obama

Voters in well-to-do West U, Bellaire and Meyerland have a clear choice for State Rep this fall: A staunch Democrat, or someone who caucused in 2008 as a Hillary Clinton delegate.

GOP hopeful Sarah Davis says she voted for Clinton in the 2008 primary, but it was only to stop Barack Obama.

As to why she then took the much rarer second step in the Texas Two-Step primary system and caucused as a Clinton delegate? She tells the Bellaire Examiner  "Quite honestly, I wasn't totally aware of what the process was."

Davis also told the paper she "accepted an invitation to attend the district convention as a delegate. 'I don't perceive that there has been some great switch from 2008,'" she said.

We have a call in to the campaign but haven't heard back.

Crossing over to vote in the other party's primary is a time-honored bit of Texas electoral mischief, but few voters stick around for the boring process of caucusing.

We guess Davis really, really hates Obama. Or maybe loves Hillary Clinton. She might get to Austin and start voting for health care and helping low-income moms and struggling schools.

West U Republicans, beware.

Davis tells the Examiner she "identified with" the Democrat party as a youth, but now she's a staunch Republican.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.