Grandparent Alert: Sun City Development Coming To Houston

Del Webb was the guy who invented retirement communities, with Sun City in Arizona.

He's long gone now, but his company lives on -- even if most of its clients don't -- building other big-time developments across the southern tier of the country, including Georgetown, north of Austin.

Now they're coming to Houston.

It won't be called Sun City Houston, and not just because the site is near Richmond. Instead our area will be home to Del Webb Sweetgrass, which we can only hope has something to do with medical marijuana.

Alas, no:

"The name imparts the community's place within Fort Bend County. The community is named after a native grass that implies a design that will allow the community and our resident's to blend in to the rustic surroundings with an invigorating outdoor recreation and indoor lifestyle that is deserving of the engaging and active lifestyle that Boomers want today," said Jim Rorison, division president for the Houston operations of Del Webb.

Damn boomers!!

Anyway, this means Grandma and Grandpa can be close by as they golf-cart around spreading their Viagra-fueled STDs.


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