Greg Abbott: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

If you have occasion to meet or see Greg Abbott, it's impossible not to notice that he is in a wheelchair. In a freak accident, a tree fell on him when he was 26 years old and rendered him a paraplegic. However, this has not stopped him from ascending the ranks of Texas politics and he is, presumably, going to be our next governor. Wendy Davis's campaign is quixotic and probably more of an effort to promote her political brand: an MSNBC appearance here, a feisty showing on O'Reily there. She's not a serious candidate insofar as her chances of winning are concerned.

Abbott's rise to power has the making of a feel good story, until one scratches below the surface. Abbott took home $10 million when he sued over the accident that left him in a wheelchair. Then, he later had the temerity to call out his political opponent in one race for being a "personal injury" attorney. With Abbott, what's good for his goose is not good for your gander: Abbott, predictably, sadly and hypocritically, is a strong supporter of tort reform.

Moreover, for better or worse, you're not getting much new policy bang for your buck with Abbott vis-a-vis Perry. As Abbott, our current Attorney General, once described his job: "I go into the office, I sue Barack Obama and I go home." Yes, he has sued the U.S. Government over Obamacare over "two dozen times" according to his campaign's website. Abbott is also proud of suing the EPA over a dozen times. He also argued a case before the Supreme Court regarding whether it was constitutionally permissible to display the Ten Commandments in the state capitol building. And he's not done suing for the Administration over Obamacare:

"We are escalating our fight," Abbott told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"You're going to see more people really for this cause because Americans . . . are incredibly frustrated by how the president keeps changing and altering the goal post and the Obamacare law.

"What we have seen time and time again is the president incapable of living within the confines of the heavy-handed law imposed on its fellow Americans and efforts to try to extricate itself from a political bad situation," Abbott said Monday.

One wonders how much more political mileage Abbott can extract from suing Obama, but I suppose it's probably best viewed as primary red meat. Then again, one might also wonder why Texas is spending a significant amount of its legal resources -- your tax dollars -- fighting a political fait accompli rather than something that inures to the benefit of all Texans.

When's he not litigating against the federal government, he's shooting guns and protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Indeed, Abbott, though he is simply the Attorney General, is also taking credit for Texas's economic growth. I was curious as to how Abbott, the state's top lawyer, deserves credit for Texas's economic growth. Multiples calls to Abbott's press secretary went unreturned.

In any event, it is undoubtedly true that Abbott far outpaces Perry in the brains and intellectual curiosity department, even if it still tends to lead him to the same basic policy proposals. So, at least Texas won't have an overgrown frat boy who found religion to lead it. There's that.

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