Greg Abbott Sues Obama Administration Over Clean-Air Rules

The Texas regulations on clean air, such as they are, have done a marvelous job for years, and we don't need the feds messing with our pristine environment, Texas attorney general Greg Abbott said today in a suit filed against the Obama administration.

Texas' (notorious) Flexible Permitting Program "improves air quality while helping regulators and regulated entities operate more efficiently," the suit says.

Governor Rick Perry applauded the move, because them there Washington know-it-alls can just stay the hell out of Texas.

"This legal action is the next step in our ongoing commitment to fight back against the Obama Administration's ever-widening effort to undermine our air quality initiatives and force a heavy-handed federal agenda on the people of Texas," Perry said in a written statement.


The EPA's overreach is as potentially devastating as it is unnecessary, as Texas has achieved greater improvements in air quality than the nation as a whole since 2000 through our use of incentives and innovation. Instead of worrying about cleaner air, the EPA seems intent upon putting the jobs of tens of thousands of hardworking Texans at risk, mainly so the EPA can impose a system it says will be easier for Washington bureaucrats to understand.

The EPA's actions would likely result in significantly higher prices for energy and just about everything else, a frightening prospect during a time so many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Yes, the EPA's only purpose is to risk 10,000 jobs in order "to impose a system it says will be easier for Washington bureaucrats to understand."

Just hire smarter bureaucrats, Washington!! Does Rick Perry have to tell you how to do everything?

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