Greg Abbott's Awful "Gun 'n' Bible" Ad Gets an F in Grammar

What was that old Warren Zevon song? "Send Bibles, Guns and Grammar"?

No? Well, that or something along the lines of it should be sent to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who caused a few jaws to drop with an ad he put on his Facebook page.

The ad is mostly evidence that today's Web allows anyone to put together a seemingly professional-looking ad at little cost, thus allowing even the silliest of political sentiments to be spread.

Among them: Abbott's ad, which features a pistol and a Bible. The gun looks like it's about to plug the Bible a new hole or two in The Book of Job, but we're sure that wasn't Abbott's intent.

Instead the message he wants to spread is "Two Things Every American Should Know How to Use," printed above the gun and Bible, and "Neither of Which Are Taught in Schools," printed below it. (And by the way, if there isn't a steakhouse, or town, or even a church in Texas named "Gun and Bible," that needs to be remedied posthaste.)

As we're sure everyone knows and is chuckling about right now, the ad is grammatically incorrect and should read, "Keep Bibles and Guns Out of Schools."

Ha ha!

No, it should read, "Neither of Which Is Taught in Schools."

See what happens when you substitute English classes for Bible Study?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.