Gregory Cruise, Jr., 23, Bayou Body Count No. 51

You never know what you're going to find until you look.

That was the lesson early Saturday morning for a bunch of cops who were called out to investigate a murder at an apartment complex along the 10900 block of Telephone Road, just south of Hobby Airport.

At about 5 a.m., police arrived at the apartment and found that 23-year-old Gregory Cruise Jr. had been killed in his home. He appeared to have been stabbed to death with a knife.

At first, it seemed that that the killer had run off, leaving detectives with another case to try and build the hard way, with little evidence. Paramedics drove over to the apartment and officially pronounced Cruise dead.

The cops had one last thing to do, though. That's right, search the place. And a good thing that they did.

Police say that investigators started poking around when lo and behold, they found a man hiding inside the apartment, alongside what is being called "physical evidence."

Police then arrested the man, Richard Wayne Thomas, and charged him with murder. He is being held in the Harris County jail in lieu of a $60,000 bond.

Court records show Thomas, 38, has a prior criminal record, having been charged with theft, assaulting a family member, and perhaps not surprisingly, evading detention.

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