"Are you too good for your home, ball?"
"Are you too good for your home, ball?"

Grown Ups: Win Free Preview Passes, And Revel In Adam Sandler's Five Best Cameos

Grown Ups, as anyone who's watched any of the NBA Finals can yell you, stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade.

That is all you need to know. You will either like this movie, perhaps love it, or you will not go to see it even if by watching two minutes of it you could save the life of a favorite aunt.

It's an Adam Sandler production through and through, so there will be lessons learned amongst the lowbrow humor. (Oh, and Salma Hayek plays his wife, one of the perks of producing, we guess.)

Sandler has made a habit of cameos in his productions for other people; click through to see five of them. Also to win passes to a preview screening of Grown Ups.


Not technically a cameo, just a small part on the way up. And he's as funny as the rest of the picture is. Yet still managed to have a career after it.

King of Queens

King of Queens - Kevin James und Adam Sandler - MyVideo

In German, which really lends an ominous feel to the thing. Especially at the end, when he's trying to load something into his trunk.

Dirty Work

The late Gary Coleman also making an appearance, surprisingly enough to make a "Whatchoo talkin' about?" bit of shtick.

Hot Chick

Sandler as the least convincing hippie dopehead ever, but we're sure his friends thought it was hilarious.

Big Stan

Voice-over only. Warning: You might think you've caught a glimpse of Rob Schneider's ass.

Want to win passes to Grown Ups? Send an e-mail to hairballscontest@houstonpress.com with the header "Grown Ups." We'll pick 10 winners, each will get a pass for two to the June 24 preview screening.

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