Guantanamo's Final Days, For Better Or Worse

Our sister paper, the Miami New Times, has done an in-depth look at the last days of the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

A reporter was there for the last hearing at the camp -- involving the youngest detainee -- and when the order to close it came down the next day.

The article, linked here, shows there are no easy answers about what to do with Gitmo:

Cases like the child soldier's represent perhaps the new president's most difficult challenge: what to do with the men -- now further radicalized by torture -- who would almost certainly threaten Americans everywhere if released.

The danger is real. Just a few weeks ago, Saudi Arabian officials acknowledged that 11 men released from Guantánamo are now on the kingdom's most wanted list because of alleged Al Qaeda connections. And this past December, the Pentagon reported 61 former detainees have re-engaged in terrorist activities. Among the attacks they might have carried out are destruction of a natural gas pipeline in Chechnya and the bombing of an Islamabad Marriott hotel.

Here is a slideshow that accompanies the story.

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