Those red dots. If you can avoid them this weekend, do it and save yourself.EXPAND
Those red dots. If you can avoid them this weekend, do it and save yourself.
Courtesy Houston Transtar

Heading to Galveston This Weekend? It Might Be Slow Getting Home

The one (and perhaps only) advantage to how long it is taking to get some fall weather in Houston is the extended ability to get in some beach time. October isn't typically thought of as a time for splashing in the surf, but water temperatures remain in the 80s right alongside afternoon highs, so why not? Sure, Galveston has been getting hit with a lot of rain — it's second wettest September on record — but you're going to get wet anyway, so who cares?

But if you are headed to the island this weekend to try and sneak in at least one more summer weekend on the beach, you should be aware that your return trip back to Houston could be an extremely slow one.

The Gulf Freeway will undergo a total closure of all northbound lanes in League City beginning Friday at 9 p.m. and remaining in place until Monday morning at 5 a.m. According to Houston Transtar's website, "Traffic will exit SH-96 and will continue along the northbound frontage road through the signalized intersection. Traffic will re-enter IH-45 at the FM-518 entrance ramp."

It's already tough to get back from Galveston on a Sunday. Loads of people at all times of the year head down there for a weekend getaway and they all get on the road on Sunday. This weekend, that return trip is going to be gridlock. So, be patient or, if you can, take the day off Monday and travel back in leisure on Monday afternoon. Then you can laugh at all the suckers who have to be at work. Bonus!

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