Gun-Control Advocates Revel In Their Texas Triumph

The folks at the gun-control organization The Brady Center are crowing over their victory in Texas. All you gun-loving yahoos couldn't pass a bill allowing concealed weapons on college campuses, the center all but said, and nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah.

"Common sense is alive and well in Texas," said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign. "State legislators in Texas agreed that places of learning don't need armed college students, and that private property owners should set the rules on who can come onto their property packing."

Not only did all you gun nuts lose, you lost in such a way that hurt your gun-packing cause, the center bragged in its official release on the matter.

"Students don't want guns on campus, but the National Rifle Association tried to push it," said John Woods, a student at the University of Texas who led student opposition to the guns on campus bill. "In the process, the gun lobby showed its true colors and produced a new generation of activists inclined to doubt the NRA's claims that more guns means greater safety. The NRA could have spent its political capital pushing for improved background checks, but instead it got in a shoot-out with university communities all over Texas."
Oh man -- Are you taking this taunting lying down, gun nuts?

SB 1164 would have forced colleges to let students with concealed-weapons licenses to carry their guns anywhere -- into class, where they might have started firing wildly when the discussion of Darcy's true motives in Pride & Prejudice got too heated; in the cafeteria, where havoc might have been wrought if the Tater Tot supply was exhausted; even in the parking lot, where at places like UH things can get tense indeed.

It was actually somewhat of a surprise for the gun-control crowd; whether it lasts forever or not remains to be seen.

But they're sure enjoying their moment in the Texas sun now.

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