Gun-Control Group Gives Rick Perry Great Boost (Among Gun Nuts)

The Brady Campaign, perhaps the nation's most prominent gun-control group, has just given Rick Perry a big ol' helping hand in the GOP primaries.

They've released a report called Gunslinger: Rick Perry's Reckless Record on Guns, highlighting his record.

"Not only is Rick Perry an extremist on guns, but he seems to be proud of it," said Brady Campaign Acting President Dennis Henigan. "Perry has been marinating in radical pro-gun ideology for so long he seems to have lost the capacity for common sense on this life-and-death issue."

Well, yeah, but we can't help reading the highlights pointed out by the group and seeing Perry and his Tea Partiers go, "Yeah, so what?" after each one.

When asked if he carries a concealed weapon while he campaigns, Perry refused to answer outright. Instead, he thought it was a joking matter, replying, "That's why it's called concealed."

He joked about it? There goes South Carolina!!

His belief that it's commendable, and seemingly necessary, for Americans to carry guns with hollow point bullets and laser sights in the course of routine activities, such as jogging. "Texans, on the other hand, elect folks like me. You know the type, the kind of guy who goes jogging in the morning, packing a Ruger .380 with laser sights and loaded with hollow-point bullets....." Perry explained in his book, Fed Up!

Perry will be so pissed that this passage that he wrote himself is becoming well-known.

His support for the carrying of loaded guns in secondary schools, all the way down to the kindergarten level, as well as on college campuses.

What? Kindergartners can't be part of a well-regulated milita?

Just wait until GOP voters find out about all this....

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