Gun Control: Texas Is a Namby-Pamby Liberal State, New Study Shows

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If there's one piece of pride Texans can hang their hat on, it's that our legislators can be counted on to bring the crazy when it comes to (lack of) gun control.

So it is with a heavy heart we bring you the state-by-state rankings of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the group led by former Reagan press secretary Jim Brady. The best state is California, ranked first for having the most sensible and comprehensive gun laws, such as an assault-clip ban and universal background checks.

Open it confidently, Texans -- look for your state in the 50th spot. Maybe 48th if there's something screwy with the criteria.

And behold: Texas is ranked skyhigh at 28th in terms of being "sensible" with gun-control laws (Note: What the Brady Center considers "sensible" is what KARL MARX considers sensible.)

We are tied with Vermont, for crying out loud. Home of those Ben & Jerry hippies!!!

The Brady Center folks try to make us feel better by implying that Texas still has a long way to go and didn't do very well in the rankings.

Texas ended 2010 the way it did so many years before, with one of the lowest rankings possible on the Brady Campaign's State Scorecard: a mere six points.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Lone Star state does nothing to curb illegal gun tracking, nothing to stop criminals from getting guns from unlicensed sellers who don't require background checks, and nothing to ban assault clips. In the organization's 2010 State Scorecards released today for all 50 states, Texas received just 6 points out of a total of 100.

Their cheap, insincere sympathy cuts no slack with us. Twenty-Eighth? The mind boggles.

The good news is that part of Texas's points, such as they are, comes from the fact it still doesn't allow concealed handguns on campus. We're working on that!!!!

"Everyone told us that this session 'guns on campus' legislation was a slam dunk -- but we have worked hard and remain hopeful," said Marsha McCartney of the Texas chapters of the Brady Campaign. "We know that the majority of Texans agree with us that guns do not have a place on our university and college campuses. So we will continue to work to prevent these bills from becoming law."

Yeah, well listen up, McCartney: Dan Patrick has got his abortion-sonogram bill passed, and he can now devote his complete attention to arming college students.

So look out, Oklahoma and Arizona: We're zooming down the Brady Center list in 2012!!!

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