Guy Who Pulled His Mom's Gun on Sister's Boyfriend Caught in Warrant Roundup

Screenshot of Texas AG video
Christopher Blake got aggressive with his sister, say cops.
Back in December Houston Police were called to a Clear Ridge Drive home following a reported standoff between a guy with a taser and a man with a handgun.

Earlier, Christopher Matthew Blake had gone into the home to grab his stuff, which included a crossbow. He and his sister Leah Haynes got into an argument that turned into a shoving match outside the home, according to court records.

Jefferey Yarborough, Haynes' boyfriend, told police that he saw the fight (and Blake with his crossbow on him). So, he goes for his taser, because we know tasers beat crossbows every time.

Blake, police say, drew a black semi-automatic handgun from a holster. His mom's gun, mind you. And police say he uttered that memorable tough-guy line: "What are you going to do."

Blake,29, was charged with aggravated assault on a family member and later jumped bail. He had made the Harris County's Most Wanted Fugitives list and was captured last week in a crackdown on people with family violence arrest warrants.

Investigators were able to contact Blake and convince him to surrender, according to a spokesperson from the Texas Attorney General's Office. He turned himself in to Harris County sheriff's deputies in Kingwood.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.