Habitat for Cat-Manity: Help Build "Houses" to Keep Feral Cats Warm in Winter!

In case you hadn't noticed, it was freaking cold last night. Friends for Life, an animal rescue group, knows that feral cats surely noticed the dips in temperature over the last month, so they launched Project WARM in order to help out the critters on cold nights.

The group is seeking donations to build "WARM houses" for the cats -- essentially a plastic bin lined with straw and foam, with a carved-out six-inch opening. Each house costs $20.

"The project is designed not only to aid feral cats in the winter by providing warm housing, but to promote the humane treatment of all animals," according to Friends for Life's press release.

The release also includes a statement by Friends for Life Executive Director Salise Shuttlesworth: "Feral cats deserve the best quality of life available to them. They matter no less as beings that deserve our care and respect than our domesticated cats. Through Project WARM, we provide feral cats an opportunity to have safe, weather-proof and warm shelter through the winter."

Visit the site for more information about the group, and for how to donate.

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