Half and Half

Okay, before I start with the Astros, I’ve got an editorial comment to make. You know how baseball’s always talking about losing the young audience? Well, maybe that’s because Milo jabbers on and on about boardinghouse reach.

Another editorial comment: Phil, when you’re up 6-1 in the top of the eighth, forget about the lefty-righty match-up and just let the guys pitch. Though, it was nice to see Brad Lidge make it through two thirds of an inning without getting beat up.

Now, the Astros won the game 6-1. Roy Oswalt was the man. Again. And I’ve got to apologize to Carlos Lee for the fat jokes. If he keeps hitting like this, he can eat whatever he wants, and how ever much he wants. But do you think you can wake Lance Berkman up? He’s making Adam Everett look like Babe Ruth.

The Astros have reached the .500 mark with a 6-6 record. The team is back on the road, and playing the Cincinnati Reds tonight and tomorrow with Chris Sampson and Woody Williams set to take the mound. -- John Royal

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