Hans' Bierhaus Asks: "War (Huh) Yeah: What Is It Good For?"

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You may not have known it, but a war has been brewing for five years between the residents of the Robinhood Condominums and the owners/patrons/performers at Hans' Bierhaus, a bar with a big patio just outside Rice Village. Or, to hear Bierhaus owner Bill Cave tell is, it's not so much a war -- it's that the folks at his bar have been under unprovoked attack for this whole time.

So he says he's decided to file a lawsuit against every resident, because even if a particular resident didn't take an active part in the war, they all were complicit in the following: throwing eggs and roofing tacks; using a laser-sighted gun scope to train a red dot on various customers, thus freaking them out; throwing beer bottles and cans; and then, this past week, using sprinklers to douse performers and patrons alike. Of course, water and electric instruments are never a good mix.

"They have been tormenting us, basically, for the last five years," Cave tells Hair Balls, adding later, "it was just an immediate campaign of harassment against us....When I bought the place from the previous owners, I went over to them to try and talk to them and let them know what I had planned on doing -- that I was going to run off all the riff-raff and clean the bar up and have a pretty decent little place going next door -- they...shunned me. Didn't want to talk to me. Treated me like I was some kind of criminal or something."

He says they were also "tormenting" other businesses that pre-dated the condo highrise, like Firestone, Starbucks, the Big Easy, and even IBC Bank.

Things came to a head December 13, Cave says, when he had a party featuring a big band headed by Ronnie Renfrow. Cave says he invited the residents to that party.

"And how did they repay us?" Cave says. "I come to find out that days leading up to the party...they'd be soaking down my backyard with the water sprinkler so it would be waterlogged, so the effect would be even...greater when they turned the sprinkler on us right after the party started."

We left a message with the condo association, but haven't heard back. We're keeping our eyes on this and will let you know what happens as things progress...

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