Happy Meal: Sunday Ogbonu's Stomachful of Heroin Weighs in at Two Pounds, Three Ounces

Ah, the glamorous life of a Customs and Border Protection agent: waiting around for someone to crap out the kilogram of heroin they've ingested in order to get the junk into the U.S.

Most recently on the bowl was Nigerian citizen Sunday Okechukwu Ogbonu, 47, who arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport from Dubai August 10 when officers thought he was acting a little shifty.


...observed questionable behavior of Ogbonu and believed him to be an internal drug courier. He gave written consent to be taken to a medical facility for an x-ray, which allegedly revealed multiple pellets containing an unknown substance completely filling his stomach and intestines. He later expelled a pellet, the contents of which field tested positive for the presence of heroin.

Eventually 65 pellets were recovered containing about a kilogram of heroin, equal to two pounds, three ounces in the best-est country on Earth, America.

Ogbuno eventually passed everything he had and was medically discharged and taken in by the feds.

"This apprehension is an example of the commitment of CBP officers to disrupting alleged illegal activity that could pose a devastating threat to the American public," said Jeffrey O. Baldwin Sr., CBP director of Houston Field Operations.

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