Harassing The Nurses Doesn't Pay, It Costs

First Surgical Partners is a Bellaire company that runs outpatient clinics for harried doctors.

As it's FAQ puts it, "an experienced management company offers ownership to the surgeons without having to deal with the day-to-day conflicts of running the center."

Conflicts like, say, sexually harassing female employees.

First Surgical is paying $290,000 and will provide "significant remedial relief" to settle claims brought against it by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC announced today.

The company employed a male nurse who harassed females, and then punished the females who complained, the agency said.

"[A] male nurse, who eventually was promoted to a supervisory position, made unwanted sexual advances and sexual jokes and innuendos to female colleagues and subordinates," the agency said. "[W]omen who rejected the advances or complained about harassment were then burdened with more difficult job assignments and had their work performance unfairly disparaged."

Well, duh. If they're not brainy enough to realize the magic of Nurse Playah, they're obviously not quite on the ball. ("On the ball? That's what she said last night!!!" Am I right?")

We're sure Nurse Playah's defense was that this was all in good fun and the ladies love this kind of stuff.

Good luck getting another job, dude.

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