Hard Out Here for a Flack


Texas Copperheads

, a local arena-football team, are always aggressive about issuing press releases in the pursuit of getting fans to show up at their games in Katy. Surely they believed they had hit some sort of jackpot this week with the Bossier City/Shreveport


coming to town.

Why? The Battlewings’ QB is Quincy Carter, the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback who had a brief burst of stardom in 2001 that momentarily made him the toast of the town, and of every fan of the alleged America’s Team.

But, as with many members of that team up north, Quincy got into some problems with drugs. He was disciplined by both the Cowboys and, later, the New York Jets for failing drug tests.

Which is how a second-round draft pick ends up in an arena football league.

Still, there must be some Cowboy fans in town with enough loyalty, or curiosity, to make it out to the game to see what’s up with Carter. So it makes sense for the Copperheads to put out a release touting his coming to town.

The only problem: Carter, as the press release notes, “was suspended for the last two weeks for unspecified reasons [and] he will not be activated for the Copperheads game.”

Hey, sounds like that rehab’s going great.

Still, the Copperheads encouraged fans to come: Carter “will attend [the game] with his Battlewing teammates.”

So there you are: come watch Quincy Carter watch an arena football game.

Maybe you can party with him at halftime. – Richard Connelly

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