Paul Wall, Baby Bash Cleared of Drug Charges
Eric Sauseda

Paul Wall, Baby Bash Cleared of Drug Charges

Houston rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash caught a break on felony drug possession charges after a Harris County grand jury on Tuesday declined to indict them.

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Paul "Paul Wall" Slayton and Ronald "Baby Bash" Bryant were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity after police raided Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale Street just before Christmas, on December 22. Paul Wall and Baby Bash were accused of possessing felony amounts of THC, the extract from marijuana, and were present at the "weed party" the smoke shop was holding that night. Police had reportedly been monitoring the rappers' Instagram accounts (as well as the one they both run, called "secretsmokesociety") and other social media leading up to the bust.

But still, the rappers maintained their innocence (kinda — Baby Bash did say in a tweet that he had been "caught with just a lil weed yall" before deleting it), and so did their attorneys. On Tuesday the grand jury indicted five others who were present at the weed party, but did not find enough evidence to indict Slayton and "Suga Suga" Bryant. Three others were also not indicted.

Bryant said on Instagram yesterday: "I wanna thank my Lawyer the best [Carl Moore] and everyone who believed the TRUTH!! Im so glad Common Sense was Used!" and Paul Wall tweeted, "God is amazing. Prayers work. Don't EVER let anybody convince u otherwise."

Wall held a press conference outside Paradise Smoke Shop to celebrate.

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