Harris County Precinct One: On the Hunt for Unpaid Warrants

Hey all you scofflaws out there -- Harris County Precinct One officials would like you to know it's time to pay the freakin' piper! Yeah, that's right, Precinct One constables will hit the streets for a warrant run October 12, which gives you enough time to either pay for any outstanding warrants or DVR your favorite shows while you're in the pokey.

"We are targeting people who have outstanding warrants for misdemeanor offenses," Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen stated in a press release.

Any of you fugitives out there can go to court at 1302 Preston or 7300 North Shepherd to pay fines.

According to the press release, "Many of the warrants stem from traffic violations and often people forget about the ticket and fail to handle the matter....The amount of money paid once the arrest is made is a stiff penalty [heh...they said 'stiff'] in comparison to what could be paid to resolve the matter prior to being arrested."

It's nice of the constable to give folks a heads-up. We're sure most people want to take care of their obligations, it's just that they get sidetracked. Or, as in our case, the traffic ticket gets relegated to the backseat, where it's quickly buried in a disgusting mound of fast-food wrappers and losing scratch-off tickets. So we hope everyone pays their balance and gets back to a crime-free life.

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