Bobbie Wygant interviews Robert Mitchum from on Vimeo.

Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman: It Was The `70s In Dallas, Babe

The Internet blossomed a bit yesterday with the discovery of an old interview of a very earnest, non-surly Harris Ford promoting

Star Wars


It turns out it was from a Dallas station, and the woman who did the interview, Bobbie Wygant -- a Big D TV legend who's still doing entertainment stuff -- has a website that's a treasure trove of old clips, as our sister blog Unfair Park discovered.

It's Anchorman meets Hollywood stars who are doing yet another in a long series of local interviews, and who can't seem to match Wygant's bubbliness.
But it's still a terrific time-waster. There's Wygant, before the cameras officially roll, trying to interest Connery in Texas theater, without much success. There's Bob Mitchum, as ever not willing to answer a question unless it's interesting.

There's the aforementioned eager-beaver Ford, and Wygant's review of The Shining:

Bobbie Wygant reviews The Shining from on Vimeo.

"The bottom line for me is, I appreciate

The Shining

but I did not enjoy it."

But we love your hair, Bobbie.


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