Hayden & Sean: When Your Hip "Save The Date" Wedding Video Goes Viral

The above clip is attracting comments all over the Internet, as an example of either the hippest "Save the Date" video ever, or the lamest attempt at making a hip "Save the Date" video.

It's all about the wedding of Hayden and Sean in Austin, and it's pretty much a Wes Anderson movie set to The Creation's "Making Time" and Cat Stevens' "Here Comes My Baby."

Gawker commenters have not been kind, but Sean Duffy, the groom, tells Hair Balls he's not worried.

One commenter said:

 Lord, please strike either Sean or Hayden sterile, if for nothing other than being named Sean and Hayden; living in Austin, with their "the world is so bourgeois, we must fight it with sepia-toned, six years of art school, allegedly auteur but completely derivative video," free-spirited-but-fatalist horseshit.

For these are the sorts of phonies who found shoestring-budget Web startups that are little more than daycares for fellow MFAs who are not disciplined enough to get tenure at some community college; only to sell out, retire at 25, birth toe-headed trust-fund brats whose annoying antics won't be of any use to anyone until Gawker figures they're old enough to mock, fund charter schools in some Carribean hellhole, and complain simultaneously about inheritance taxes and how little government funds the arts.

"The most interesting part about the video being on Gawker is the comments section," Duffy says. "It seems like everyone's a critic and they all make hilarious assumptions about myself and Hayden (and the inevitable outcome of our marriage, of course). Almost none of their assumptions are true."

He's not a film student, for one; he teaches broadcast journalism at a high school.

"And I do, in fact, know that the video is sloppy in some parts due to my desire to get the memo out quickly as our wedding is fast approaching," he says. "We made the video intending for it to go out to our close family and friends and I think it's great that more people will get to enjoy it (or hate it, in the case of Gawker's readers)."

Oh, and neither he nor his fiance, Hayden Geller, live in Austin. They live in Denver, which is Colorado's version of Austin.

"We picked Austin because it's a really cool city. Her sister lives there and we've visited a bunch of times and we really like it," he says. "We wanted a cool city for our family to visit for our pseudo-destination wedding."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.