HBA Releases Bar Poll, Bad News for Former Judge Janice Law and Others

Former judges Janice Law and Sharolyn Wood can't be happy with today's release of the results of the Houston Bar Association's annual poll of its attorneys about the Houston judiciary, but County Judge Ed Emmett and District Clerk Loren Jackson should be ecstatic with the ringing endorsements they received.

In the "2010 Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire," Law, a former district judge now running for the County Criminal Court at Law Number 4 seat vacated by Judge Jim Anderson, did not fare well in the assessments, with 436 votes calling her "not qualified" and a total of 115 saying she was qualified or well qualified.

As one Harris County lawyer noted on the Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center blog, Law "is a very nice lady who has no business being a judge."

As for Wood, who lost her long held seat in 2008 in the apparently mistaken belief that even though she didn't have a federal judgeship, the same rules should apply, her tallies were a bit better, but not all that welcoming either. A total of 671 votes said the former civil district judge was not qualified, while 195 attorneys said she was qualified and 277 said she was well qualified.

Emmett was judge well qualified by 1,014 voters and qualified by 353 others. Jackson barely topped him with 1,056 in the well qualified column and 252 in qualified.

There's lots more results and the HBA stresses that this is not an endorsement of any candidate by the HBA, only a snapshot of what its members were feeling on the day they filled out the questionnaire.

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