Maybe things will quiet down on the HCC Midtown campus now
Maybe things will quiet down on the HCC Midtown campus now
Photo by Zach Despart

Harris County DA's Office Charges Man With Making a Terroristic Threat at HCC

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has charged a 21-year-old man with making the terroristic threat that shut down the campus for two days earlier this week.

Luis Antonio Rivera allegedly said on Facebook that he would attack everyone on the Central campus in Midtown on Monday May 7, according to prosecutors.

He was charged with the third-degree felony following an investigation by HCC Police. Rivera faces two to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Using the name Elijah Eli Saltibanez, he allegedly posted the following on Facebook:

“I will attack and shoot everyone and kill everyone in hcc Central campus in May 7 2018 I will kill everyone including students and teachers are gonna die and also I will kill the hcc police department.”

Rivera also allegedly posted threats against President Trump and students in local school districts.

Finals that were scheduled to be taken Monday were rescheduled until Friday of this week.

“We take threats to public safety seriously,” First Assistant Tom Berg said in a press release. “If the elements are met, you will be charged and prosecuted.”

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