Wrists are being slapped.
Wrists are being slapped.

HCC Board Finally Takes Some Action on Its Members' Ethics

Seven freaking years ago our Josh Harkinson wrote about the board members of the Houston Community College System and their very relaxed attitude toward ethics and conflicts of interest and so on.

HCCS pretty much closed up the ranks and did nothing much.

Now it looks like at least something is being done.

The Houston Chronicle's Ericka Mellon is live-tweeting from an HCC board meeting and has this to say:

The HCC board votes to censure Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores for allegedly using her influence to get her son's business hired.

The HCC board chairman also publicly condemned the behavior of former trustees Abel Davila and Diane Olmos Guzman

The HCC board chair also called out Trustee Chris Oliver for an appearance of a conflict. Oliver apologized for honest mistake

HCC board chair Schechter says Flores and Davila engaged in a "pattern of conduct designed to enrich at a minimum their family and friends."

Some of this involves new stuff, some old; we'll have to wait until we see HCC's formal report. (If they decide to give it to us without a fight; they haven't been the most cooperative governmental entity out there.)

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