He Ain’t Afraid of No Curse

Some stories are so important they demand extended coverage. Also, sometimes we don’t coordinate our writers and they wind up covering the same thing. Here’s Steven Devadanam’s take on Vince Young being named Madden cover boy. You can read John Royal's take over here.

Well, we shoulda seen this coming…

The latest chapter in homeboy Vince Young’s charmed life is that he’s the newest Madden cover boy, according to ESPN.com. Given that the hallowed EA franchise has a tradition of selecting "It" players, this one’s a no-brainer.

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Young apparently made the announcement on a live chat on ESPN.com, and he’ll be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight to unveil the Madden ’08 cover. Sez Young of the honor: "It's a phenomenal feeling, because you know everyone plays Madden. With my past and my history -- for me to get here, its means so much. It shows young kids that anybody can make it, if you work hard enough."

Interestingly, when I interviewed Vince briefly last year, he hadn’t even seen his likeness on Madden ’07. Here’s guessing he’ll have every ’08 player stat memorized in no time. Speaking of stats: Chicago’s Devin Hester was able to lobby for his unprecedented 100 speed rating on Madden ’08, so will VY have any input on his own ratings? You’d think a cover boy could beg for an 100 awareness rating, yeah?

There’ll no doubt be Madden soothsayers who’ll point to the dreaded Madden Curse. Bah, says VY fan Lee Clayton on ESPN.com:

The last player on the cover not be cursed was Eddie George and he had his best year as a Titan. The TITANS are immune from the curse. Once again VY will prove all his critics wrong. All VY does is WIN!

Well said, Lee. All VY does is win, as he proved in the Rose Bowl, and again when he came home to bitch-slap the Houston Texans. Man, if only the Texans had been able to draft him in ’06. Oh, wait…

So congrats, VY. Go forth and single-handedly cast out the demons that plague Madden. In the meantime, I’ll start my annual Madden Prediction early to see how a Matt Schaub-led Texans team compares to one run by you. Somehow, Vince, I think you hold the competitive edge. – Steven Devadanam

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