Headline Confusion: Men's Club Dance Not What You Think

If you live in Houston, the headline in the screen capture image you see above might evoke a different kind of response than what is intended. We're not all perverts in the Bayou City, but we do have a number of establishments that cater to...how shall we say it...gentlemen's desires, which is why one glance at this headline from Magnolia might give a Houstonian pause to ask the question: Annual? Don't they dance there every day?

No, in this case the Men's Club is not the well-known strip club in the Galleria area, but rather the Men's Club of St. Matthias Catholic Church, whose members are holding an annual dance to raise money for their organization.

According to YourMagnoliaNews.com, the dance is a community event:

The dance is open to the public and will feature music by Jeff Woolsey & the Dancehall Kings.

"It's good ole traditional Texas music," Jim Scott, member of the Men's Club, said.

Scott said the event is for all ages and people who enjoy music and dancing will have a great time.

"It's a very family oriented event," he said.

The other Men's Club is also open to the public (21 and older) and often features Texas music (Is "Love Struck" still in regular rotation?). We could also argue that the club caters to people who like music and dancing, but the two diverge over the "family oriented" part of the equation, unless you have a really weird family.

Maybe they could team up with the pole dancing for Jesus crew.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.