If you are into Uggs, you might want to put them by the weekend, by not early in the week.EXPAND
If you are into Uggs, you might want to put them by the weekend, by not early in the week.
Photo by Freedom II Andres via Flickr

Weather Week: Spring-like Weather a Prelude to Winter

For the second straight weekend, it was beautiful in Houston, Texas, USA. With temperatures mostly in the low to mid 70s under sunny skies and breezy conditions (particularly on Sunday), it was damn near perfect. One visitor from Chicago who we dined with on Friday night couldn't believe the weather. Frankly, neither could we.

There's a good chance next weekend will be a repeat of the last couple, but perhaps the coolest weather we have had since last winter. More on that in a moment.

Monday and Tuesday will be rather warm, spring-like weather with highs in the mid 80s. That might be slightly lower on Monday as there is a pretty decent chance of rain (around 60 percent). But, it will definitely be unseasonably warm both days.

By Wednesday ahead of a fairly strong blast of cold air, the rain chances will ramp up. With warm moist air coming off the Gulf running up against approaching Canadian air, we should see fairly rainy conditions, especially on Thursday.

The timing of the cold front appears to be late Thursday into the early morning hours of Friday. The change will be marked with temperatures dropping into the 50s and hovering there on Friday. But, we'll get to that later in the week. In the meantime, be ready for the heat and the rain.

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