Some beautiful weather behind us and to come.
Some beautiful weather behind us and to come.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Weather Weekend: Cooling Off After a Hot Week

So, how have you liked summer so far? In fairness, it hasn't been summer exactly but it did hit 90 for the first time this year. Fortunately, it was dry and rather breezy, particularly on Wednesday. As hot as it was, it was a gorgeous day. The weekend will start out somewhat cooler and, by the end of the weekend, it will feel like fall again.

On Thursday, a cool front will move through town bringing a few more clouds and slightly — very slightly — cooler temperatures, maybe five degrees less, but it's something. Don't expect any rain with the front and it will only be a modest change, but it portends additional changes.

Friday will be a pleasant day with highs near 80 and partly to mostly cloudy skies as the front rebounds back over land ahead of another, stronger front on Saturday.

The real change will come Saturday as rain arrives ahead of the next front. We can expect anywhere between a half an inch to a couple inches of rain throughout the day. We aren't talking the kind of severe thunderstorms we saw last weekend, but we all will probably get wet.

Behind the front will be cooler and drier weather. Sunday's high might only be 70 degrees with lows around 50. It will be a stunner and pleasantly cool, so enjoy it while you can because it will only be like that for a day or two before some more rain and warmer temperatures reenter the forecast.

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