Heights' Alleged Serial Crapper Arrested (UPDATED)

Update: Check out the page after the jump to read what happened to the suspect after police arrested him.

Original: So here's one for the Harris County Constable's Office archives: The intrepid shitting bandit of Woodland Heights has been caught.

That's right, the victims of his heinous disorderly conduct/indecent-exposure crime (not to mention the health dangers of having to deal with fecal matter on your lawn) should worry no more.

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The constable's office sent out a crime alert saying that on Saturday, May 10, Jessie Hernandez was arrested on suspicion of being the serial shitter. According to reports, the man was arrested after police say they caught him urinating near a Fiesta market.

Mosier told the Houston Chronicle that the 53-year-old man won't be charged because he has mental health issues. Hernandez is no longer in police custody, Mosier said.

Hernandez matched the description, police said, of the neighborhood crapper caught on video after a resident who had been hit multiple times set up a secret camera.

The Leader got ahold of a spokesperson for the constable's office:

Sgt. J.C. Mosier of Harris County Precinct One Constable's Office said he's seen this type of crime in 47 years of law enforcement experience. Mosier said the motive is usually neighbors seeking revenge on other neighbors for leaving dog excrement on their yard. "It has never been widespread -- obviously this guy is fairly active," Mosier said.

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