Heights Residents, Beware of "Door Tag" Scam

Yesterday, when I got home to the house I rent in Lindale Park just east of the Heights, I found a door tag (see image) on my door alerting me that someone attempted to deliver a package and directing me to call a number to reschedule delivery. My first couple attempts ended with no connection until I noticed the note said "10am-8pm."

I called again and this time was connected to an operator who asked if the number I called from was my home number and where they could reach me if the call was disconnected. I said it wasn't my home number. He then said, "Are you a homeowner calling about the door tag?" I responded that I was calling about the tag, but I was not a homeowner. He immediately hung up.

I decided to press my luck and try again. This time, I got someone who explained the door tag was actually a promotional notice for a company called Safe Home Protection. They were essentially trying to give me a "free" home security system. I told the person it sounded like a scam and he said, "Home security is real."

I explained I didn't own the home, and he said he would remove me from their database and hung up.

I did a bit of searching and it turns out a lot of people in this area received the same door tag. Others, when looking up the 866 number on the tag, claimed previously to have been called from the number by someone alerting them to a lawsuit involving them. It became pretty clear that this was a phone center clearinghouse designed to call or respond to whatever they are paid for.

A little more digging using the search "Safe Home Protection door tag scam" netted a HOST of discussions of the scam, including a post from the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information department warning consumers about door-to-door security salesmen. I guess they don't just do vacuums, Bibles and encyclopedias anymore.

So, Heights residents, beware of the door tag scam. You don't have a package coming to you, just a headache.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.