Hell Of A Honey-Do Weekend For Four Guys

You thought you had some crummy honey-dos this weekend? You could have been Mike Massimino, Mike Good, John Grunsfeld or Andre Feustal.

Their job was to fix some long-past-its-prime, but still working, POS vehicle. The nuts were rusted and sheer brute force was needed.

Oh, and they weren't in the driveway working on a Trans Am -- they were orbiting and spacewalking, doing one last repair job to the Hubble telescope.

The Hubble became a running joke when it was sent up in 1990 with a damaged lens, but it has since far exceeded the fondest hopes of NASA.

They decided to send up one last mission to give it new batteries, some other updates, and freshen it so it's good for another five or ten years.

But it wasn't easy.

Saturday, while you were bitching that it was too hot to mow the lawn, Good and Massimino spent eight hours fixing Hubble. (Only five spacewalks have lasted longer.)

Today Grunsfeld and Feustal went out. Grunsfeld is known as the "Hubble Hugger" because he's done two other fix-it missions.

No human will ever touch Hubble again, unless plans change.

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