Help! Have You Seen This Stolen Chihuahua?

Some insufferable a-hole or a-holes broke into Michelle Tien Dao's home in southwest Houston Tuesday and stole cash, an iPad, some laptops, a camera, and a few other valuables. But they took something else that simply cannot be replaced: her five-year-old long-haired Chihuahua, Belle.

Neighbors saw two very skinny Vietnamese guys in their late 20s pull up to Dao's home, but they assumed they were part of a crew of contractors who'd been working at the home all week.

Dao tells us she bought Belle as a pup for her father, who lives with her.

"At the time, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and so she was hospitalized, and he was really sad," Dao tells us."And so I bought...Belle for him as a gift, and she's been in the family since."

Hear that, dognappers? You stole a dog who was meant as a companion for a man whose wife was dying of cancer. Keep the freaking iPad, monsters. Just please return Belle.

If you have any information, please contact Dao at michelle.tiendao@gmail.com.

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