Here Are J.J. Watt's New Reliant Commercials (w/ VIDEO)

Here Are J.J. Watt's New Reliant Commercials (w/ VIDEO)

It's been a few days since we've had anything J.J. Watt-related to talk about . The Texans' other worldly defensive end has been laying low the last few days since attending the ESPYs, eating dinner at Arnold Schwarzenegger's, posting Instagram pics with Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears, informing a future father that his wife is having a baby, and voicing a new Texans hype video.

Now, J.J.'s back, and good news… he has a new sponsor! That's a good thing since I would imagine he still owes the Denver Broncos money for breaking their blocking sled last year when the Texans traveled to Denver to practice:

J.J.'s new sponsor is a familiar company to him. J.J. Watt will be speaking for Reliant, which is owned by NRG, which is the name on the side of his workplace. In corporate speak, J.J. Watt will be "energizing awareness for Reliant and NRG Companies’ customer-centric products and solutions to power every lifestyle." Whatever the hell that means. In plain English, he will be doing a handful of very funny commercials, which dropped yesterday afternoon on the internet.

The first one had a synchronized swimming theme (and pimped some home security):

The second one had Watt participating in the very underrated sport of curling (and also pimping home security):

Hopefully, Verizon chick "Amy"….

….and J.J.'s grandmother….

…..don't get jealous. 

Rookie WR Strong Back Down To Playing Weight

Every preseason, it feels like there's at least one rookie who finds himself behind the other rookies, or in the coach's doghouse for one reason or another. Two years ago, it was Sam Montgomery reporting out of shape. Last year, it was nose tackle Louis Nix, who was first dogged by head coach Bill O'Brien's implications that the rookie was having professionalism issues before missing the regular season with a knee injury. 

For 2015, it would appear that the "scorned rookie" championship belt is going to be held by wide receiver Jaelen Strong, who reported to rookie minicamp at an eye popping (for Strong) 231 pounds. This came after his weighing 217 pounds just a couple months earlier at the NFL Combine. Bill O'Brien didn't like this.

Well, it appears that through some combination of working out and better diet (and perhaps an eating disorder or parasite), Strong has dropped 20 pounds in the last few weeks to get to 211 pounds heading into training camp next weekend. 

My rookie optimism-meter on Jaelen Strong is firmly at about a 2.3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Wild weight fluctuations on a wide receiver are not normal and not usually a harbinger of great things to come. 

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