Metro Will Gear Up for Limited Service Thursday. Here Are the Running Routes.

The long line of buses along U.S. 59's HOV lane, where 120 of them avoided being flooded.
The long line of buses along U.S. 59's HOV lane, where 120 of them avoided being flooded. Photo by Doogie Roux
Having been out of commission since Sunday because of Harvey's epic flooding, Metro will finally be back up and running on Thursday — but with limited service.

As for the rails, only the Red Line, from Fannin South Station to the Downtown Transit Center, will be running every 15 minutes; bus shuttles will be available from the Downtown Transit Center to the Northline Transit Center. The Green and Purple rail lines are suspended until further notice. Park & Ride will not continue until Tuesday, September 5. METROLift will be available only to those who require medically necessary transportation, such as to receive dialysis or other life-sustaining care.

The 17 major bus routes Metro will be operating represent about 50 percent of its ridership, Metro said in a release. They'll run every 30 minutes, and a full list of all routes running tomorrow is at the bottom of this article.

Throughout Harvey, Metro has been assisting with the evacuation process, and has so far transported approximately 8,000 people to shelters, said Metro spokesman Jerome Gray. Damage to any Metro facilities, rails or vehicles is still being assessed, but Gray said Metro knows of at least 12 buses that flooded across town. The greatest damage came to the Kashmere bus facility, which was flooded and where normally 120 buses would have been parked.

"Fortunately, we moved all those buses to the U.S. 59 HOV lane before the flood, and that prevented those buses from taking on water," Gray said.

As buses get moving tomorrow, Metro urged riders to have patience, because with all the messes still all over the roads, delays are bound to happen.

2 Bellaire
8 West Bellfort
20 Canal/ Memorial
26 Long Point/ Cavalcade
28 OST- Wayside
40 Heights/ Telephone
50 Broadway
52 Hardy- Ley
54 Scott
56 Airline/ Montrose
63 Fondren
65 Bissonnet
80 MLK/ Lockwood
82 Westheimer
85 Antoine/ Washington
102 Bush IAH
700 Red Line Shuttle Bus

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