The map is the most detailed account released to date of where cleanup trucks will be as of Friday.
The map is the most detailed account released to date of where cleanup trucks will be as of Friday.
Screenshot of Solid Waste Management debris pickup map

Here's Today's (Top Secret?) Map of Where Houston Is Sending Its Debris Cleanup Crews

After a chorus of complaints from Houston City Council members about the lack of communication over the city's Hurricane Harvey debris removal efforts, Solid Waste Management has created its most detailed map to date — including where and how many trucks were working on Friday.

But the city department appears not to be circulating the map publicly, as it has not published the map on its website nor on its Facebook and Twitter pages. The Houston Press received a copy from a City Council member.

The map, which was provided to the Houston Press by District G Councilman Greg Travis, divides Houston by council districts, debris zones and then smaller debris subzones. Zones with trucks in the area on Friday are labeled with a color and the number of trucks in each subzone.

As we wrote this morning, both the Press and City Council were frustrated about the lack of detailed information on Harvey debris removal efforts. This appears to be an attempt to rectify that.

According to the map, 213 trucks are currently deployed in Houston, with subzones ranging from one to more than 20 trucks. A subzone in District G just east of the Addicks and Barker reservoirs, the area of Houston that remain flooded for weeks because of intentional releases from the dams, had the highest number, with 23.

The map is not available on the solid waste department's website but was sent to City Council members Friday morning. It's unclear whether the department intends to create similar maps per day in the future. Solid waste did not respond to calls for comment.

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