Here's Where To Find Out What's Up With That Weird Piece Of City Art

The City of Houston has put together a somewhat nifty little website showing much of the municipal art that's scattered around town.

You can look up items by neighborhood, and even by zip code.

Want to know about Ladder of Hope, the Floyd Newsum sculpture hanging in the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center? You can do it here.

That strange totem pole near Sunset Boulevard and Rice? Read all about it here.

Minette Boesel, the mayor's assistant for cultural affairs, tells Hair Balls that about 120 items are listed and mapped.

"The Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) and its predecessor organizations have inventoried 397 works of art in the City's Civic Art collection of which 164 works are permanently sited works and 233 are portable pieces," she says.

There's plenty of interesting stuff....That odd sculpture of a woman plastered on a white rock in MacGregor Park?

That's Peggy, and it's done by the same guy who did Mount Rushmore.

Boesel says the project is ongoing (many of the individual pages are still under construction), and more pieces will be added in the future.

-- Richard Connelly

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