Who wouldn't trust this guy?
Who wouldn't trust this guy?
Photo by Crime Stoppers

Here's Your Nattily Dressed ID Thief of the Day

Should one desire to (allegedly) pursue the gentlemen's trade of ID theft, one should eschew such hoi polloi garb as T-shirts and flip-flops and instead embrace a sense of style.

At least that seems to be the philosophy of this dude, who racked up $18,000 in charges using another man's credit cards and ID.

"The suspect made numerous unauthorized purchases using the victim's identity and activating several accounts with retailers in Harris County," Crime Stoppers says. "Additionally the suspect tampered with the victim's existing accounts, and made numerous purchases without the victim's consent."

His elan does not necessarily extend to his choice of vehicle: He "has been seen driving a white pickup truck."

Anyone with information about the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS (8477).


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