Hermine: Get Ready For The Usual Streets To Flood

The remnants of Hermine, a/k/a The Storm Named After No One, are expected to hit Houston today with some heavy-ish rains.

You know what that means -- TV crews will be sprinting to the intersection of the Beltway and the Katy Freeway for footage of a flooded intersection. That area floods when someone spills a Slurpee.

But what counts is inside the loop, of course, where all the hip people live. And there are more than enough areas that regularly flood in that part of town. Here's five to look out for.

1. Westheimer between Kirby and Lamar High School Twice we've been stranded in parking lots for an hour or more watching the waters rise, taking bets with ourselves on whether drivers will make it through. Eventually, one doesn't.

2. The underpasses on Allen Parkway
Driving tip: If the underpass has a sign designed to indicate how much standing water is present, and that sign goes upwards of eight feet, it's probably a pretty good bet that rain gathers there. And stays there.

3. Westheimer at Taft
It looks so inviting and pleasant. When it's dry.

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4. Alabama at Shepherd

Not to worry -- it's not like it's a major intersection or anything.

5. Dunlavy near Richmond
Will a new and nearby H-E-B superstore/parking lot help or hurt this situation? Come on, it's Houston. Any developer has carte blanche to add to any flooding problem. We're sure there'll be a nice picturesque detention pond that won't actually do much detaining.

We miss any?

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