He's Baaack

It just wouldn't be an election cycle without former U.S. Rep and city councilman Chris Bell running for (and probably losing) a race.

Bell fans (and there are a few) faced the awful prospect of not seeing him run in 2008. They despaired of not being able to hear once again how this time, he would beat the odds. Before he then went on to not beat the odds.

Fear not, however: Bell Fever is back, baby!!

Bell formally announced this past weekend what has been the worst-kept secret in the local political world -- that he is running in the special election to replace former State Sen. Kyle Janek, who resigned this year.

Bell made his announcement by posting a video on his web site. It didn't look at all like a hostage video. Much.

We kid, and Bell is an earnest guy, but man, he's retired more times than Roger Clemens.

When he ran for Governor in 2006 (and lost to an incumbent who couldn't get 40 percent of the vote), he talked with the Press about "swinging for the fences, and if you don't make it you go home." Only for a short period, as it turns out.

Just to recap, the 48-year-old Bell has lost races for:

1. State Rep

2. City council

3. Mayor

4. U.S. Rep

5. Governor

(And won, it must be said, races for council and Congress.)

Now he's going for the State Senate.

Should he lose, we're pretty sure he'll give a polished concession speech.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.