He's Not Only Silver-Haired, He's Reckless

The "Reckless Robber" has struck again.

Although if he's so "reckless," as the FBI has dubbed him, why's he so successful?

Maybe it's the silver hair. ("This unique fellow spray paints his hair silver prior to his robberies, perhaps thinking it makes him harder to recognize!" says FBI spokeswoman Patricia Villafranca.)

A Wachovia branch at 235 West 20th was hit this week by the guy, who apparently got his name because he has waved a gun around "carelessly" on previous robberies (The FBI has such high standards!)

Here'e the gripping narrative:

At approximately 2 p.m., the man entered the bank and announced "This is a robbery." He instructed employees not to push any alarm buttons and threatened "Don't make me pull out the gun in my waistband." He threw a black bag onto the counter and demanded cash. Once he had the cash in hand he turned to exit the bank, stopping half way to the door to turn around and advise that if any employee called police before two minutes passed that he would come back and shoot everyone inside the bank.

"He would come back and shoot everyone inside the bank"? Did anyone really buy that?

Anyway, dude's considered armed, dangerous, and is "a white male, 30-35 years old, 5'09" tall, 170-190 pounds, with short dark hair which was spray-painted silver."

That must have been a really sloppy hair-coloring job if they could tell it was spray-painted.

-- Richard Connelly

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