He’s Roger Clemens, and He Supports That Message

The Rocket’s mission to sell baseball cards in Bellaire has been aborted.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the case of Roger Clemens, you can see just how far at Bellaire Little League’s Jessamine Field. As at many well-heeled Little League ballparks, the outfield fence is for sale to advertisers, and one ad buyer there this year was Tristar, a company that peddles rare baseball cards to upscale collectors. When their ad campaign was drawn up, they selected The Rocket as their pitchman.

Which created some awkward moments at Bellaire Little League opening day last week. The West U Examiner’s Charlotte Aguilar picks up the tale:

“Wow,” commented one uniformed youngster, gazing at the image, to his teammate. “He really does look like he’s on ’roids!” A dad quickly hustled away his son, who wanted his picture taken in a sarcastically pumped-up pose in front of the Clemens ad.

And league board members were left to deftly field queries about the now-undesirable sign.

“We’re getting it down as soon as possible,” one explained. “It’s become an embarrassment.”

-- John Nova Lomax

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John Nova Lomax
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