BACtrak/KHN Solutions, LLC.
"I played a little switcheroo with Mike -- he's outside trying to breathe into his iPod!"

Hey Drunks, We've Got Your BAC

Thanks to today's Houston Press editorial holiday party and my boss's potent rum ball treats, I'm currently preoccupied with the whole idea of DWI.

And what serendipitously should fall on my desk? A press release for BACtrack, a new sporty little breathalyzer for the active, mobile drunk. Asks the release: "When you're heading home on New Year's Eve after a night of celebratory drinking, will you know what your blood alcohol content is?" New Year's Eve? Hell, I'm worried about the Thursday before Christmas.

BACtrak/KHN Solutions, LLC.
"0.14? That's a weird phone number. European?"

The release describes the BACtrack as the "size of a cell phone" and "sanitary to share with others because no mouthpiece is required." At four inches long and a half-inch thick, it does kinda look like the product of a drunk-dialed hookup between a horny iPod and tipsy Blackjack.

We're not usually into product endorsements, however, an $80 mini breathalyzer does seem kinda handy 'round the holiday season (or at least after office Christmas parties). If you want to find out more, check out the BAC's site. Happy drinking, drivers! — Steven Devadanam

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