Hey! Joe The Plumber Was In Town! And Said Something Stupid!

Lost amidst the Michael-Jackson levels of coverage of the local Tea Parties here last weekend was the nugget that Joe the Plumber -- yes, the Joe the Plumber -- was at the Conroe Tea Party.

Folk hero to millions, perceptive, trenchant critic of the overweening left-wing in America, JTP was TCB at the event.

And by "Taking Care of Business," we mean bringing the controversy. It's taken a couple of days, but that controversy has hit the web.

JTP gave a video interview to the Montgomery County News website and brought his years of close analysis of the problems of illegal immigration to the discussion.

"I believe in making sure our country is safe first," he said. "I believe we need to spend a little more on illegal immigrants. Get them the hell out of our damn country and close the borders down. We can do it. We've got the greatest military in the world and you're telling me we can't close our borders? That's just ridiculous."

Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress (We're not sure if they're socialists or fascists) criticized the remarks and God-fearing patriotic bloggers took time out from their search for Obama's birth certificate to criticize her remarks.

The influential and amazingly sane blog of the National Review, the only magazine that makes sense, proudly endorsed JTP's remarks, although they said they were uttered at "the Houston Tea Party."

Their momentary confusion is understandable, awed as they are by the utter logic that the best use for our military is rounding up illegals, deporting them and then guarding the Mexican border (and hell, maybe the Canadian one, too.)

Thanks, Conroe. You've done us proud.

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Richard Connelly
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