Maybe he thought the bird was a potential MySpace friend.

Hey Man, Nice Shot

It's tough to say how the world would've been different had Ann Richards won her 1994 bid for reelection as governor of Texas, but one thing is for certain: The woman could shoot.

A recent Austin American-Statesman story details how a 1990 hunting trip helped her in the polls.

"Man, after that (1990 trip), my numbers went straight up in (rural) East Texas," Richards said.

But the Statesman story came out on Monday, so Richards wasn't the focus of the piece. Rather, it was Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell, who had borrowed a gun and gone looking for birds the day before.

It was an attempt to court rural voters, but the plan seems to have backfired, although that's not exactly the right word for it.

Bell's borrowed shotgun was in the safety position when he attempted to squeeze the trigger on a flitting dove then shot by his guide, Tony Timmons.

"He about broke his finger trying to pull the trigger," Timmons told a hunting pal afterward.

Maybe Bell should try riding a motorcycle instead. -- Keith Plocek

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